Hoolie in the Hall Saturday 30th November with The Jacobites

Last year's Hoolie was such a great success, we are planning another Hoolie,

this time on St Andrew's Day. 

This year the Auchengray Parent Council are taking the lead in planning supported

by the TCC, WAT IF? and  the WAT Group.

More details will be in the Newsletter, the Warbler and on posters in the three Village Halls,

so keep your eyes open for more news about times, tickets and how to get your name

down early to make sure of a place.

The Hoolie is for all age groups to enjoy - a real family event! 

Or come on your own and make some new friends.

Fun Day Saturday 8th June 2019 

Following the success of the Great Get Together Fun Day last June 2018,

the TCC, WAT IF? and other Community Groups all worked hard to hold

another Fun Day on Saturday 8th June 2019.

We hoped the weather would be kinder to us this year so that the old favourites

like the Bing Races and the usual children's races could all take place. 

Sadly that was not the case and we had to cancel all the outdoor events

and transfer what was left to the shelter of the Village Hall.


Despite cancellation of all the outdoor events, the day was a great success

with lots of positive feedback.  Success was due to everyone who turned up

to support the day and to the Community Groups who worked so hard

throughout the day setting up, manning stalls and then clearing up afterwards.​

It was great to see the young children enjoying themselves and the caterers

were kept busy throughout the day feeding us all.


Judging of the Scarecrow Competition took place in the pouring rain on

Friday the 7th evening.  Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to

make their Scarecrows and a big thank you to the Judges - Jane Wilson,

Catherine Struthers and James Bryden for doing the judging.


The theme for the Scarecrow Competition this year was taken from well known Films, and was:


Heroes and Villains from Films



Click on HERE to see the criteria the Judges used to judge your Scarecrows.


Scroll down to see one way to make a scarecrow - ready for next year!:

1     Gather up the clothes you want to dress your scarecrow in.

2     You will need two poles or lengths of wood - one shorter than the other 

- and an 'all in one'  disposable overall with a hood. 

These are available from Amazon, Poundland or Do it Yourself  stores.

3     Stuff the overall with straw / hay / old carrier bags / empty plastic bottles

 / shredded paper / old  rags.  Anything to fill it out.

4     Thread the pole down the body of the overall and down one leg. 

Thread the shorter pole across the arms - or one arm, whichever you prefer.

5     Stuff an old pillow case for the head and fasten it to the top of the pole

 and inside the hood of the overalls.     Using 'Sharpie' type pens, mark eyes,

 nose mouth etc on the pillow case to make a face.

6     You are now ready to add hair and then dress your scarecrow

 however you want.

7     When you have finished, fasten your scarecrow to a tree or fence

 where it does not interfere with neighbours or traffic and cannot blow away.