The general purpose of a Community Council is to act as a voice for their local area.

It does this by Community Council members being:

          *   interested and involved with their local community,

          *   involved with the groups in the community,

          *  aware of the issues which affect the community.

The Community Council makes representations to the Local Authority, other public sector bodies and private agencies within its sphere of interest.  Community Councils also carry out other activities such as organising courses and public events that are in the general interests of the community they represent.

The Local Authority has a statutary duty to Consult the Community Council on Planning Applications within its area and the Community Council liaises with the Local Authority on the state of the road network within its area.   


So:   if you want to report a problem with potholes, road repairs etc, you can contact  any of the Community Councillors who will take up the issue with the local council for you.  If it is not resolved quickly, we then call on the Ward Councillors to take it forward and we continue to communicate with the Council concerned.

The Tarbrax Community Council (TCC) represents the area around Tarbrax, Woolfords and Auchengray, it meets once a month on the third Monday of the month.  Meetings last between ninety minutes and two hours depending on the matters to be discussed and agreed upon.