At the March Community Council meeting it was agreed with our local Community Development Trust WatIf? that they would lead the Community Support in our area as they had the manpower and funds to do so.  The Community Council were happy to help as and when they were needed. 


So, COVID 19 support in an area somewhat larger than the TCC area is being managed and coordinated by the local Community Development Trust WatIf?

There are a number of programmes and activities running for all age groups and all sectors of the community.

There are photography competitions, children's activity packs, community vegetable planters, some 'virtual' group meetings and chats, a community larder to access groceries in exchange for a donation to save you a journey to the shops, prescription pickups, dog walks if you are shielding and many more initiatives in the pipeline. 


Have a look at the WatIf? website at

The Office phone number is 01501 785194  You may well need to leave a voicemail during COVID but someone will get back to you as soon as possible, or Email:

If you need any support whilst in self-isolation call 07494 034 025