Elections for Tarbrax Community Council took place on Thursday 25th October at Tarbrax Village Hall.   

 The following candidates were elected for a four year term:

          Margaret Addo 

          Tricia Govan  

          Stephen Hunter

          Alistair Marshall

          Barbara Robertson

          John Robertson

          Patricia Tucker

          Eric Williamson


Thank you to everyone who came out to vote for us.  73 residents voted - a very high turnout.  Thank you.

Your interest and support are greatly appreciated and we will all do our very best to work together for the benefit of the whole community.

These were the first contested Tarbrax Community Council elections in many years.   It is more important now in these times than ever before to have a fully involved Community Council.  The Scottish Government has plans to devolve more powers to Community Councils to enable them to serve as stronger representatives for local residents and a stronger link to their Area Councils.  In our case, the South Lanarkshire Council.


Please feel free to contact us on any matter you wish raised with the South Lanarkshire Council or (where appropriate) the West Lothian Council.  We are very fortunate to have three very committed and hard working Ward Councillors who work on your behalf and follow up on issues which you raise with us.