People from Tarbrax, Auchengray and Woolfords can self-refer to Clydesdale’s Integrated Community Support Team (ICST)  . . .

How do I get in touch?

Clydesdale Integrated Community Support Teams have a single contact telephone number: 0300 303 2445, there are three menu options

  • Press option 1 for  our area which is Biggar, Carnwath & Forth ICST.

  • Options for other areas are detailed below.


Here’s a quick guide to what the team does, why it’s been formed, how and when it’s appropriate to self-refer.

What is the ICST?

Clydesdale Integrated Community Support Teams include

Team 1 – Biggar / Carnwath / Forth and surrounding areas,

Team 2 – Carluke / Lanark and surrounding areas and

Team 3 – Douglas / Lesmahagow and surrounding areas.

The teams provide a 24-hour service, 8am-8pm and 8pm-8am, 365 days a year.

The teams are supported by General Practitioners  during core hours ‘in hours’ and Medical / Advanced Nurse Practitioners in ‘out of hours’ (OoH).    Core hours are Monday to Friday 0900 until 1630.


The ICST is made up of a Team Manager, District / Community Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Assistant Practitioners Rehabilitation, Clinical Support Workers and overnight Social Work Home Carers. Currently there is a pilot programme which including Social Work Home Carers 8am-8pm within Carluke Lanark area.


What do the team do?

Team members work closely together to promote improvement and maintain the wellbeing of mainly housebound people with multiple health and social care needs. They encourage patients to become more independent.  The teams also work with other health and social care providers and third sector/community-based organisations in the Clydesdale area.

Working together in this way means the person is at the heart of the care provided - and all communication and actions are focussed on them. The goal is  to bring about the best possible health and wellbeing outcome for the person in the most seamless, efficient and timely way.  


Under what circumstances should I call the ICST for help?

Your GP or health professional can refer you to the ICST, however it is possible to get in contact with the team with a view to self-referring.

If you consider you require advice or assessment from one of the ICST professionals, it would be helpful to call the relevant ICST on the below contact numbers (specific to the area you live) during core hours Monday to Friday 0900 until 1630.

You will be advised whether your enquiry can be triaged for ICST services and your referral will be made to the most suitable practitioner. Should your enquiry not meet the referral criteria for ICST, you may be signposted to a more suitable service to meet your needs.  


How do I get in touch?

Clydesdale Integrated Community Support Teams have a single contact telephone number: 0300 303 2445, there are three menu options

  • Press option 1 for Biggar, Carnwath & Forth ICST.
    Press option 2 for Carluke & Lanark ICST.

  • Press option 3: for Douglas & Lesmahagow ICST.


Medical emergencies

Please note, if you think that someone’s life is at risk you should phone 999 immediately

999 is for serious illnesses or injuries including:






The Scottish Ambulance Service and Accident and Emergency departments provide care for people with symptoms of serious illness or who have been badly injured.


When you call 999 the Scottish Ambulance Service will respond with the most appropriate help for your situation.

999 should only be used for serious illnesses or injuries. This means that essential treatment is given to those who need it as quickly as possible.


For immediate advice

For immediate advice – when your GP surgery or Dental Practice is closed and you’re too ill to wait, call NHS 24 on 111