The planning application for the Heathland Wind Farm has now been received by the Clydesdale Area Office:

P/19/1855        Dated 17/12/2019  (Click on the Application no. to view)

Heathland Wind Farm  A706 from Forth to Northern Boundary Wilsontown, Lanark.       EDF Renewables Ltd.

Two public meetings were held in the week commencing 24th February at Forth and at Tarbrax to enable interested residents to see how the views from their houses may be impacted by this development and to answer any further queries.



If you wish to view any of the planning applications below there are links on the Useful Information tab under the Local Councils pages for both South Lanarkshire Council and West Lothian Council.

 P/19/1876      4/02/2020

Moorfield, Tarbrax Rd, EH55 8XA

Of possible interest:

P/20/0179       20/02/20

Kersewell Mains Farm

Section 42 variation  CL/16/0482

Kersewell plc