Items of News or new Projects will be placed here or on separate pages under the 'News' tab

We have added a page under the 'Useful Information' tab giving information about the Integrated Community Support Team.  This initiative started in 2019 and there are various 'Hubs' around the County serving specific areas.  Each Team is made up of multidisciplinary Health Care professionals who can be contacted directly and visit households to assess needs required.  Do make use of the service otherwise it might be spirited away as being 'not required' !

A direct link to information on all current and planned road closures in South Lanarkshire has been placed on a new 'Roads and Transport' section of its own with direct links for reporting problems or accessing information on road closures.


We also forward all notices of road closures to WatIf? who very kindly post them on their Facebook pages for wider dissemination to the Community.

Please report any road and lighting faults you find, the more complaints there are regarding a fault, the greater the priority given to its repair!  Also indicate if there has been any damage caused to your vehicle.


When possible SLC Consultations will be highlighted on the information pages.   


Information regarding local Planning Applications or appeals, will be added to the 'Planning' page under this 'News' section as well.

The full planning sections of both South Lanarkshire and West Lothian Council departments can still be accessed under the 'Useful Information' tab

The TCC take a neutral position on planning applications but are available to assist any residents  who want information or would like assistance in submitting their responses - whether those be for or against any development.